Courses for 2019

May 4 - 11
Landscape and Still Life

July 6 - 13

Sept 14 – 21
Late Summer Landscape

Silver Jug and Red Onion
Landscape Painting near the Studio

All of us have it in us to draw and paint well.  By the end of the course, guests should have developed a confidence in beginning and executing successful simple compositions and take home some examples of their work to frame and share with friends.

The courses are relaxed and convivial and a great way to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life in the company of other artists.  The learning experience will include trips to paint local landscapes, the coast is also nearby.  There will be time in the studio to create colourful still life.

The day is divided into a morning and afternoon session of three hours each.  We break for lunch either back at the studio, at a local pub or cafe or have a picnic at our painting spot.  After a day in the field, the group returns to the studio to relax round a log fire.  Guests stay in the same building as the studio and are welcome to complete their work in the evening if they wish.  There is a well-stocked art library and instructional videos available.

The courses are taught by Elizabeth Gilbey and by other professional artists both from London and the Dumfries and Galloway region.

The days spent outdoors will include some time to get to a local destination and set up easels for “plein air” painting.

The first day begins with how to start a painting, selecting a view and making a simple compositional sketch or underpainting using a limited number of colours and light values.  The tutor will demonstrate techniques and support guests in making their own starts. 

Participants will learn about the basic principles of creating work direct form nature.  These principles include:

  • Drawing and composition – seeing shapes and mass.
  • Working with light and dark values,
  • How edges help give a picture depth
  • How to work with colour and understanding “temperature” of colour.

Day two will continue with the work begun on day one and bring the landscapes or still life to a more finished stage.

On the third day, guests will visit a local town – possibly the harbour at Kirkcudbright or other coastal area to paint the sea, boats or beach scenes.  Trips out will also take place on days four and five.  The weather will play a role in the schedule but don’t assume a drop or two of rain will put us off!  Rain clouds and showers make some stunning subject matter for artists.  John Constable shows the way with his glorious stormy seas.

Study in monochrome

The owner and Tutor, Elizabeth Gilbey:

Elizabeth trained for ten years with London Fine Art Studios, London’s first and only atelier teaching artists traditionally working in groups with a master practitioner.  Elizabeth has worked with artists such as Ann Witheridge, Scott Pohlschmidt, and Nick Bashall. 

Having returned to my first love, drawing and painting, after a career in other areas, I know how it feels to learn as an adult and sometimes struggle.  The journey is so rewarding I am passionate to share it with others.”  Elizabeth Gilbey.

Elizabeth specialises in vibrant still life and landscapes painted direct from nature.  She has exhibited in London and has work in private collections.